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An injury can be devastating to you and your family. Over the years, I have learned that people who have been injured have lots of questions and just want an honest assessment of their situation and their options. I believe that lawyers should be approachable and easy to talk to. It should not be difficult to get advice about a situation that might be new or unfamiliar to you and to have your rights explained to you.

Insurance companies may not always be straightforward with you and your claim. I believe in an honest and open evaluation of your claim. Your case is likely to have positives and negatives and you deserve to understand how those impact your claim. Give me a call so we can discuss your case, go over your options, and allow you to decide if you wish to pursue legal options and if you would like my help in doing so.

I have spent my entire legal career representing individuals who have been injured or killed as a result of the carelessness of others. I handle cases involving wrongful death and personal injury arising out of automobile crashes, premises liability, slips and falls, dog attacks, and civil rights violations.

I have handled hundreds of personal injury cases throughout Indiana. With over 16 years of experience handling various types of personal injury cases, I have vast trial experience throughout the state.  I am honored to have been named a Super Lawyers Rising Star for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

I remain active in the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association.  I formerly served as a Chair of the Young Lawyers Section and currently serve on the Board of Directors.  I have been co-editor of the Indiana Appellate Case Reporter, a publication offered to ITLA members, for several years. The Indiana Appellate Case Reporter is a monthly publication highlighting new appellate court decisions from the Indiana Court of Appeals and Indiana Supreme Court which impact personal injury claims.

I am also a former board member of Young Professionals of Central Indiana, volunteered as a judge in the Reach for Youth Teen Court Program, and have volunteered with Play Ball Indiana.

I grew up north east of Indianapolis, attending Hamilton Southeastern High School in Fishers. I completed my undergraduate degree at Indiana University in Bloomington and graduated from Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis. I live in Fishers with my wife, Kelly, a preschool teacher, and our daughters, Claire and Carlie. I am an avid sports fan of Indiana basketball and Los Angeles Dodgers baseball. I also enjoy exercising, traveling, and trying new restaurants.

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