Can you guarantee the outcome of my injury case?

NO!  Here’s why: the value of your injury case is: (1) what you and the insurance company agree it is, or (2) what a jury of your peers says it is.  It’s really that simple.  If any lawyer guarantees your case is worth a certain amount or will settle for a certain amount, he or she is not being honest with you.  Be very careful with any lawyer who guarantees a particular outcome in your case.  A lawyer cannot make an insurance company offer you a certain amount and they cannot make a jury’s verdict a certain amount.  If you have questions about your case and want an honest assessment of it, please give me a call.

My car is totaled, do I get a new car?

Well, not exactly. Indiana law says that if a vehicle is considered a total loss, then the claimant is entitled to receive fair market value for their vehicle. That would mean the value of the vehicle immediately before the crash occurred. If you have a loan on the...

Can immigrants claim lost wages in Indiana injury cases?

The Indiana Supreme Court recently decided in Escamilla v. Shiel Sexton Company, Inc., that an unauthorized immigrant can claim lost earnings or diminished earning capacity in an injury lawsuit and his/her immigration status is irrelevant and inadmissible unless the...

Have your rights been violated?

It is common to feel intimidated, powerless, or even scared when you’ve experienced discrimination or had your civil rights violated. There are laws to provide protection. Civil Rights cases are usually very fact sensitive. This requires a close analysis and...

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