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Chris is an exceptional attorney. He is a great listener and takes his time explaining things. When it comes to the legal aspect he is a methodical out of box thinker who is well versed in all aspects of your case which results in a higher than expected yield. In addition to these things, Chris is a local family man who genuinely cares about his clients the same as he does his community. It would be worth your while to at least take your case to him and see what he has to say.
5 stars

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I would recommend Chris to ANYONE that has been injured or a loved one injured in any kind of accident. Chris fought the long hard fight and stood by my daughter and myself after her accident. My daughters case was long and drawn out but Chris never ever changed his care and concern for us and the outcome. If you need someone that will help in your tough times definitely call Chris… He is a God Send. My daughter and I are so grateful and thankful Chris took our case. WE THANK GOD FOR HIM

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Chris is an exceptional attorney. He is a great listener and takes his time explaining things. When it comes to the legal aspect he is a methodical out of box thinker who is well versed in all aspects of your case which results in a higher than expected yield. In addition to these things, Chris is a local family man who genuinely cares about his clients the same as he does his community. It would be worth your while to at least take your case to him and see what he has to say.
5 stars

5 Regina Dewbrew via Google logo

I would definitely recommend Wyant Law Offices. Great, laid back people, and I was very satisfied with their services.

5 Estefany Ortiz via Google logo

Highly recommend! Before I got to chris I had reached out to a handful of lawyers in regards to my car accident and basically all closed the door for me since many did not work with property damage cases. Chris was amazing and always kept my husband and I updated on our case. He made the process super smooth and explained everything thoroughly. Super thankful for him and his office.

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My husband and I were involved in an auto accident. The driver that hit us was without a doubt at fault.
In less than 2 days we were getting calls from the driver’s insurance company wanting us to accept 15% fault. The calls kept coming to try and push us into a settlement. We decided to get legal help and found Chris Wyant. Once Chris took over we felt a big load lifted. He is very knowledgeable, well prepared and makes everything so much easier to understand the process. Chris has a very diligent work ethic that gets results. We are so very grateful to have found Chris. We highly recommend Chris Wyant.

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I was in a vehicle accident in September of 2020. My injuries were severe. I hired Chris to help me achieve a satisfactory settlement for my injuries, vehicle, boat and trailer repairs and replacement He is very thorough checking that everything was included in our settlement request. We achieved an excellent settlement and couldn’t be more satisfied. Chris is a very personable guy and we enjoyed working with him.

5 Briana Shouse via Google logo

God Bless Wyant Law. I can honestly say that Chris went to bat for me in such a huge way during such a trying time. He was very professional and upfront about every step he took. I would 100 percent recommend Wyant Law for your legal needs.

5 Bryan Moody via Google logo

Chris focused on my auto accident case with great attention to detail. His expertise helped me negotiate with my auto and health insurance companies — and handled all the necessary paperwork. Chris was always responsive and provided sound advice, allowing me to make the final decisions. My case went to trial, which he handled without incident. I highly recommend Chris Wyant and Wyant Law.

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Chris was awesome from the very first meeting. Very professional and knowledgeable. He knew what needed to be done and what he needed from us. He was exceptionally easy to work with and very patient with all of the questions we had. All we had to do was either call or email him with a question and he responded as quickly as he could. I couldn’t be happier with his services. I would definitely recommend his practice to anyone.

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Obtained the services of Chris Wyant for an automobile accident. Chris was very professional and patient when discussing the details of the accident. Very knowledgeable of the applicable laws pertaining to my situation. Well prepared for several meetings and Court appearances. Explained how he perceived the case to go in each aspect and he correct each time.. Chris was praised by the court staff of his preparation, approach and delivery of my case. Would use Chris Wyant again if needed.

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I was involved in an auto accident with an uninsured motorist who also had an invalid driver’s license. Chris was attentive, thorough and doggedly resolved to settle an insurance claim. Most importantly he addressed my claim with patience and knowledge. I experienced a positive outcome. I’ve always been thankful for Chris’s service.

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If your looking for an excellent and professional lawfirm with the ability to help you decide if your entitled to a settlement. Wyant Law is the one for you! I was explained my rights and helped determine if I able to sue for my accident that nearly took my life. I have and will continue to recommend there services. I also had different needs for services he did not deal with. He recommended me to his partner Lawfirms that exceeded my expectations as well. I am otherwise confident and well satisfied with my decision to hire Wyant Laws LLC.

5 Kaileigh Furr via Google logo

Chris was a dream to work with following a car accident out of state in 2017 that left me with injuries and trauma. He was extremely professional, got things done and handled in a timely manner and even returned calls as soon as he could. He kept everything flowing smoothly even when having to work with a lawyer because it was out of state.

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Chris was very helpful through the whole process of a personal injury case from an auto accident. He made working with insurance companies easy. I felt well represented and would recommend him to everyone.

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I was involved in an vehicle accident in which the other driver was completely at fault. Their insurance co. started calling immediately, to discuss the accident and denying responsibility, which at the time I was in intensive care. After more than a couple of calls from these inconsiderate people it was evident that I needed a lawyer. Chris was referred to me by a relative of mine. After one phone call Chris took complete charge of everything, from Dr. bills to insurance calls and everything in between, leaving me with my healing and health to be my only concern. He kept me informed and showed a genuine concern for my health and welfare. After being released from all medical Dr’s, and medical facilities, and only 60 days later Chris was able to gain a generous settlement. I have since referred Chis to a friend of mine and would highly recommend him to everyone.

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I hired Chris Wyant to represent me with an automobile accident claim. He was honest, fair, insightful and genuinely looking out for my best interest, not what just benefitted him. He is knowledgeable, and breaks down lawyer-speak in a way that is understandable. I hope I never get in a major car accident again, but if I do, I would gladly rehire Chris Wyant.

5 Rose Maxey via Google logo

My experiences with this law firm was amazing. They kept me in touch with how my case was doing and was always reachable. They proved they were working for me and always put me first. I would definitely recommend them if you’re seeking a great attorney!👍

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Chris is a remarkable attorney. His attention to the details of my case combined with his incredible legal knowledge exposed the other party and making my case solid. Chris won and I was awarded was I was due. Thank you Chris for your help!

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Hello I was introduced to Chris about 2 years ago and he made a life-changing decision working hard for me all ways communicated stayed in touch answer the phone when I call if I need a paperwork and stuff he had let me know and if you looking for a good attorney firm Wyant Law

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I higher Chris to do some legal work for me and he is doing a great job, BTW, he didn’t even ask me to do a review. I have done that because he is the kind of attorney I like to have on my side for my personal and business needs. its hard for me to trust many attorneys like I do with Chris Wyant.

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The Wyant Law worked diligently to understand our situation, build a team to represent our family and provided great care, concern and feedback as we worked through our case. I am grateful for the service and support this team provided to our family.

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Chris was very easy to talk to, he kept me in the loop at all times. I called him in a time of need and he made me feel at ease through the whole process.

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Great attorney!! Easy to talk to, empathizes with your case and is an attorney that actually cares. If you need an attorney, Chris Wyant is definitely the guy you want to call.

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Chris is a great attorney!!! He is definitely a go getter/ winner when it comes to fighting for you. Thanks Chris

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Chris Wyant was Super responsive, detailed and accurate answers to my questions. Explained every step along the way!

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The law firm of Chris Wyant and the associates of law farm of very good at what they do and what they can do and what they will do hands-down one of the best law firms in the city

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Everyone was very nice an on there job. I will let my friend’s an family no that they are a real good firm.

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We were very satisfied from the beginning of services right to the end. Highly recommend.

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This man is the best for me

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I’m at Home

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