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Indiana Supreme Court Expands Rights for Emotional Distress

The Indiana Supreme Court recently expanded the rights of parents to bring claims for their own emotional distress in situations involving the abuse of their child.  In K.G., et al. v. Smith, et al., the Indiana Supreme Court held that a mother could bring claims for emotional distress relating to the revelation that her physically and […]

Can Immigrants Claim Lost Wages in Indiana Injury Cases?

The Indiana Supreme Court recently decided in Escamilla v. Shiel Sexton Company, Inc., that an unauthorized immigrant can claim lost earnings or diminished earning capacity in an injury lawsuit and his/her immigration status is irrelevant and inadmissible unless the defense can show it is more likely than not that the plaintiff will be deported. This is […]

Does Indiana Law Allow Claims for Injuries During Sports?

The Indiana Supreme Court recently issued an opinion holding that as a matter of law, when a sports participant injures someone while engaging in conduct ordinary in the sport, and without intent or recklessness, the participant does not breach a duty. This decision clarified that ordinary conduct in the sport turns on the sport generally, not the specific […]